So I Guess This Is Hello

Yes the rumors are true, I’m back and than ever!

I’m so excited about blogging as Alicia again and I have lots of ideas :).

I’m keeping my claim on Bethany Mota and thanks to for letting me have her back when I came back :).

I have a new URL:


So I Guess This Is Goodbye

Hey chicas! I am finished with being Leesh, I am moving on to new things and I have a lack of  inspiration

Thanks to: The first RP blog I came across 🙂

My amazing Massie, Dylan and Olivia who have all deleted there blogs so I didn’t put their URLs on here.

I luh-ve you dolls and hope to see you in the near future but not as Leesh.

My other Blogs:

Adios, Alicia Hearts It